Anne Theisen, Owner of Form

Form Marketing & Design is a strategic marketing and graphic design company based in Seattle, founded by Anne Theisen. Anne’s career spans 20 years focused on brand development and communications. She is committed to delivering excellent design, insightful planning, and great client service. The Form team consists of Anne and an impressively talented group of consultants as required for your projects. Form’s primary offerings are:

  • Strategic planning
  • Brand development – new brands and revitalizing existing brands
  • Website design
  • Marketing program management
  • Marketing materials
  • Promotional videos
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Form, founded and led by Anne Theisen, works with small and mid-size businesses to build brand awareness through thoughtful/functional design, concise writing and dynamic communications strategies.

We can help

Well-crafted RFP in hand? Send it over. Is your logo or website not reflective of where your business is at, but you don’t know where to start to fix it?  We can help. Need to figure out how to capture the interest of more or different clients, editors, investors? Yes, we do that, too. Let’s discuss.


Form is located deep in Northern Ballard, where the fresh air of the Puget Sound blows from the west and mingles with the hoppy breeze from the microbrewery enclave due south. We’re Seattle-based, but work with clients across the country. We’ll happily come to your offices, favorite cafes or virtual boardrooms.

Anne helped our company to develop our core competitive advantages and establish our target markets. With her help on branding we now present the right image to our customers and they remember who we are and what we do.

Jeremy White, General Manager, Active Engineering