Welcome to Form

Form, founded and lead by Anne Theisen, works with small and mid-size businesses to build brand awareness through thoughtful/functional design, concise writing and dynamic communications strategies.

Strategic Planning

Form develops thoughtful solutions that help grow your business in the near and long term.

Thoughtful Solutions

Our programs are designed with intention and purpose to improve your brand and bottom line.

Exceptional Brands

Exceptional brands do not require decoding. They reflect the essence of the organization - heart&vision, soul&mission.

Inquiring Minds

Great brands require inquiry, maintenance and support. Form builds memorable brands and nurtures them.

Intuitive Design

Clarity and consistency are the hallmarks of excellent communications and great design follows suit.

Brands at Work

Form designs websites and a full range of marketing materials including promotional videos to tell the unique story of your organization. See our Portfolio.

Recent Works

Form Marketing & Design has had the good fortune of working with a wide variety of organizations on an even wider array of projects. Here are some samples. See all works


Lagana Foods

Lagana Foods

Balloon Roof Baking Company

Balloon Roof Baking Company

Seattle Cheese Festival

Seattle Cheese Festival



Pike Place Fish Market

SnoValley Tilth

Seattle Made

Aerius Management

Bagnulo, DDS

Green Lake Running Group

Bellwether Bio

Words From Clients

I credit Anne with helping my business turn a corner. She not only re-branded my company, but also created an amazing new website. Her creativity, attention to detail, and insight is unparallelled. She was not familiar with my industry initially and yet was able to succinctly capture the essence of my business to help me better target my customer base. I can not recommend her highly enough.

Colleen Butler, President of The Dailies

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Anne, Form's founder, for nearly 20 years, the past 6 of which she has worked with my company. She's literally been with us since day 1 - leading our corporate and product naming, visual id development and basically all of our marketing programs. Anne is polished and versatile. She collaborates with us on big picture strategy, while also being able to manage all the details of marketing programs. We have built significant brand recognition in our space, and Anne's work has contributed greatly to that. I'd recommend Form Marketing & Design to any organization seeking flexible, intelligent marketing services.

Rahul Shendure, CEO, Oscilla Power

Our company had consistently struggled in communicating our brand and value without getting bogged down in the technical nature of what we do. Anne understood us, performed an invaluable strategic audit, then applied both research and craft to tell our story, and execute our new marketing plan. At this point, I wouldn't trust our brand or content to anyone else but Form.

Erin Anderson, COO/CFO at Trinity Applied Internet