Lagana Foods

Lagana Foods, founded by the brilliant Kaela Farrington, called on Form Marketing & Design to help with the “words” for packaging of their pasta line.

Handcrafted in Seattle, Lagana Pasta provides a simple and elegant way to bring a little bit of Italy into your home. We handcraft every batch of our fresh, extruded pasta with sustainably-grown Shepherd’s Grain flour and water, creating a delicate base for your favorite sauces – from Bolognese to olive oil & parm.

This keeps the noodles flying off the shelves of Whole Foods and other select retailers! Well, that, and the pasta is divine! We also helped with the packaging design for sauces, oils & vinegars, and a few unruly items that don’t fit in the standard containers. Form and Lagana have also teamed up for a few events at the Lagana Pasta Palace, delighting Seattle area gluten lovers.

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