Pike Place Fish Market

Pike Place Fish Market…it is truly the soul of Seattle. This shop has been providing excellent fish to our fair city and its visitors for over 90 years. Much of the business remains the same as it was when founded in the 1930s. Recently, four employees took over ownership of the company when the longtime boss decided it was time to retire. The new owners know they have something special, and while they want to grow the business, they also want to remain true to their roots. They want the brand to grow without compromising the commitment to exceptional product, service, and world betterment.

Pike Place Fish Market approached Form Marketing & Design to navigate this challenge. The team is world famous for being a leader in team building and organizational effectiveness. This is easy to see at the Market. When you go to the shop and see the mongers throwing the fish and calling out to the crowds, when you see the shiny salmon lined up like they are coming back from the sea, when you engage in the steady patter of small talk with the funny guy in the waterproof-overalls – you experience the essence of the brand. How do you translate that experience to the marketing & communications programs which take place outside of the Market?

It’s not a quick answer! But, in a nutshell – Form performed a marketing audit and developed a strategic, but highly actionable plan incorporating website improvements, online marketing, SEO, events, packaging improvements, managing partnerships, and more. Form continues to work with the team on the full range of communications programs, refining and growing the world famous business.

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