Oscilla Power

Oscilla Power, Inc. (OPI) is developing a suite of proprietary, high-impact renewable energy and energy harvesting solutions based on low cost, readily available magnetic materials. Form has been working with the OPI team since the inception of the company, working on everything from naming the company to joining the team in the Puget Sound to document the deployment test buoys. Form acts as an on-call marketing team for OPI, and we are excited to get the word out about their game-changing technology.

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Anne, Form’s founder, for nearly 20 years, the past 6 of which she has worked with my company. She’s literally been with us since day 1 – leading our corporate and product naming, visual id development and basically all of our marketing programs. Anne is polished and versatile. She collaborates with us on big picture strategy, while also being able to manage all the details of marketing programs. We have built significant brand recognition in our space, and Anne’s work has contributed greatly to that. I’d recommend Form Marketing & Design to any organization seeking flexible, intelligent marketing services.”

Rahul Shendure, CEO, Oscilla Power

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